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Friday, August 9, 2013

Audubon Advisory Concerning Migratory Songbirds and Congressional Funding Cuts

Ovenbird, one of many migratory songbirds at the mercy of major funding cuts
Grandma Pearl
The House of Representatives is planning major cuts to critical conservation programs.  These latest attempts to reverse the important recovery efforts that were in place and were working to protect and aid migratory neotropical birds, should be abandoned. 

August adjournment has left the bill unfinished, but when Interior Appropriations Members return in September, they will try again to implement these injurious funding cuts.   Audubon will use the interim period to work on behalf of songbirds that are already in distress from climate change and habitat destruction.  

You can read the short article by clicking this link: Critical Conservation Programs Targeted

To support Audubon's National Conservation Initiative, click HERE

Grandma Pearl

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