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Grandma Pearl
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Deer Deterrent Resources

A Young Deer on the Edge of the Woods
by Grandma Pearl
I love deer!  Their beauty and gentle nature appeals to me.  Every season finds them with a different shade of brown fur; it becomes thicker in the wintertime to help shield them from bitter cold winds and snow; their soulful eyes, large ears and sensitive nose are ever alert to possible danger.

In the spring, the youngest tag along behind the adults in groups of 3 to 5 and more. Feeling frisky, they like to suddenly sprint from a dead stop, with stiff white tails held straight like flags bidding me farewell!  Spring is when I most often see the young bucks with their newly-blossoming antlers covered in soft velvet.

I love deer, but I hate what they can do to a garden in no time flat!  My favorite deterrent is a natural product that I spray on those plants that my deer find most delectable.  The name is 'Deer Off' and it is manufactured by Havahart*.  The ingredients are all natural, which is what I'm all about; and they include eggs, capsaicins and garlic.  This particular deterrent works by not only smelling bad, but tasting bad as well.  A similar product from the same company is Deer Away 5200.

Deer Off II can be applied a lot less often than other deer repellents I have tried.  I usually reapply it after a heavy rain, but other than that, it lasts a long time.  Because it tastes bad, rabbits and squirrels seem to steer clear of my treated flowers and shrubs as well, which is a definite plus.

 Links to help manage deer in suburban gardens can be found at Cornell University's "Deer Defenses" website, and they include:

There's lots of greenery in the woods for this young deer to enjoy!
by Grandma Pearl
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