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Migratory bird populations have taken a nose dive in the past 40 years. But you can help bring their numbers back by creating beneficial, beautiful and fun habitats in your own backyard. Discover favorite plants and environments that shelter and feed colorful songbirds, as well as how to make them feel welcome by offering their preferred natural foods.

Grandma Pearl
(Connie Smith)

Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Help Birds Survive Excessive Heat

Poor little mama chickadee opens her beak in an attempt to keep cool
during our recent heat wave.
by Grandma Pearl
Birds need to stay hydrated just like humans; never more so than during a heat wave.  We have had a string of 90+ degree days, and this little chickadee is busy feeding and caring for several chicks inside this bird house.  It's in the shade most of the time, but even then the air is hot, sticky and humid.
Her babies should be close to fledging, and in the  meantime I make sure she has plenty of clean water in the bird bath every day.

That's just one way birds are able to keep cool during this type of excessive summer heat.  Discover more by reading 5 Tips to Help Backyard Birds Survive Summer Heat

Grandma Pearl

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