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Grandma Pearl
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Make an Easy Basket Bird Feeder

another view of chickadee on bird feeder basket excellent

The snow was falling hard and fast.  Accumulations were predicted to reach an inch per hour, if not more.  Apparently my birds knew about this ahead of time, because there were dozens of them lining the tree branches awaiting their turn at the feeders.finches on feeders and in trees

I needed to add another place for them to eat, but I had no more feeders handy.  Keep in mind that there are 8 more feeders in other parts of my yard that were also filled with woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, blue jays, juncos and more finches, among others!close up of basket to use for bird feeder

Scratching my head, I finally came up with a solution that I had stashed in my sunroom—an old basket with a long handle, and not too deep.  The perfect bird feeder because it was rather loosely woven, and provided plenty of holes for drainage.

closeup of bird feeder basket with aluminum plate filled with seedsBut the holes in the basket were obviously way too big to keep my bird seed from falling through.  Aha!  Also in my sunroom was an aluminum pie pan I had used under a large pot at one time.  I washed the pie pan thoroughly and dried it so that the seeds would not mold.  The pie pan needed drainage holes, so I hunted up my trusty hammer and a small nail.  I punched several holes in the aluminum pan, and filled the bottom with black oil sunflower seeds and a little bit of fruit and nut seed mixture.

basket bird feeder hanging from clothesline with weather shield

I looped a flexible piece of wire under the handle and up through the hole in a weather shield I had used before for other open bird feeders.  That shield works very well to keep snow and rain from soaking the seeds.  Then I finished the loop over my clothesline.  If I had had another bird feeder pole, I would have used that instead, but the clothesline was very handy and easy to see from my living room window.

An alternative to the weather shield might be another larger aluminum pie pan with a hole punched in the middle, or even an old aluminum pizza pan.  Anything that will keep the seeds dry so the birds can enjoy them will work.

gold finches enjoying their basket bird feeder

I was very pleased to see some of my goldfinches taking advantage of their new food source.  I have even had woodpeckers jump in for a seed or nut and then take off to the nearest tree with its treat.  I spent a lot of time that day watching my birds out the window.  There were breaks in the snowfall at times, but it snowed heavily other times.  The birds didn’t seem to mind, and continued to visit all the feeders.  It tickled me to see that I had provided yet another good spot for them to eat.

So if you have a basket, an aluminum pie plate, hammer, nail, pizza pan and a bit of wire, you have the makings for a fun bird feeder!


Grandma Pearl

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Shauna said...

What a clever idea, Connie. Making use of the resources you have on hand, throwing in a measure of creativity and improvisation and there are no limits to what you can do. I'm sure the birds appreciate your efforts. Brrrr. It looks cold up there!

Connie Smith said...

Thanks Shauna, I try to think 'outside the basket'! It is cold up here, and it will be getting colder again the next several days. I'm glad I fabricated another feeding spot for my birds--they're gonna need it!

Eiddwen Jones said...

This is wonderful Pearl and I look forward to so many more from you.
Have a great day.

Connie Smith said...

Thanks Eddy! I'm pleased you like this basket feeder idea. So far it has been a huge hit with my birds.