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Migratory bird populations have taken a nose dive in the past 40 years. But you can help bring their numbers back by creating beneficial, beautiful and fun habitats in your own backyard. Discover favorite plants and environments that shelter and feed colorful songbirds, as well as how to make them feel welcome by offering their preferred natural foods.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bird Window Collision Solutions

Every year millions of migrating birds, as well as those visiting bird feeders, die from colliding with windows.  This happens most often during spring and fall, but also if bird feeders are located more than 3 feet from windows.  One solution is to move your feeders to within 1 1/2 feet to 3 feet of your windows.  That way the birds cannot get up enough speed to do themselves harm even if they do strike the glass.

Another very affordable diy project is to apply translucent tape to your windows and sliding glass doors.  It is just a matter of cutting, peeling and sticking; that's all there is to it.  And it will save your birds from injury and death.  Birds can see the ultraviolet reflection this kind of tape provides, but it is 'see-thru' to humans.

Two sites I have found where you can buy this tape online are:



Grandma Pearl

Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows?

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