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Grandma Pearl
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beautiful Moth Identified

This is the beautiful 'Io' Moth that I found in my backyard this morning!
The eyespots are meant to confuse and distract any bird or other animal trying to make a meal of it.  This is the female, while the male is very yellow in coloring.

Here's a look at the underside of her wings.  When they are folded in the closed position, all you see is an orange-brown coloration just like that of the under wings.  She did not fold them for me I think because it was a chilly morning, and she was trying to absorb any warmth she could!
These lovely moths are found mostly east of the Rockies and into Canada.
But their spiny caterpillars hold a nasty surprise should you happen to touch one.  Here's a link to an article written by J.B. Heppner, Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry.
with more pictures of the Io Moth and its caterpillars, and further details of what happened to a man who accidentally came in contact with an Io Moth caterpillar.  Click Here

She seems to enjoy perching on my little 'Supertunias'


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! I haven't seen one of those. It's interesting the article you cite was written by a Florida authority. I'm off to read it to see what it has to say.

Your supertunias are gorgeous, Pearl!

Connie Smith said...

Thank you! I was glad to have seen this pretty insect because when I checked today, she was gone! I expect she warmed up and flew away during the night.
I love my supertunias--they are so easy to grow!
Thanks for stopping by ;)Pearl