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Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 5 Alternative Lawn Ideas

brick pathway flanked by glorious flower gardens
from:  http://www.ltmuseum.org
If you are tired of mowing lawn every time you have a day off, then you are a prime candidate for an alternative lawn.  If you want to be surrounded by fragrance, beauty, birds, butterflies and beneficial insects, then it's time to consider something other than grass in your yard.  Discover my top 5 alternatives to the plain old boring lawn.
Imagine not having to mow the lawn on your day off!
from Grandma Pearl

What’s your idea of a relaxing day?  In this busy life we lead we need downtime; time to relax and unwind.  I don't know about you, but for me relaxation does not include mowing the lawn!  Although there are people who really do enjoy that activity, this article is not aimed toward them.  This dissertation is , however, intended for those of us who would rather do almost anything other than haul out the old mowing machine, fill it with expensive fuel, and then spend the afternoon in the hot sun going in circles!

Top 5 Alternative Lawn Ideas:

1.       Low growing maintenance-free drought tolerant ground covers
2.       Herbs that are tolerant of foot traffic and drought
3.       Wildflowers with stone pathways
4.       Naturalized bulbs
5.       Flower beds that include old-fashioned fragrant varieties like lily of the valley, roses, etc.
My lily garden is an example of summer bulbs that return to flower year after year.
Learn more about Bulb Gardens as an Alternative Lawn
from Grandma Pearl

With each of these 5 alternative lawns there comes the added bonus of several benefits.  For instance, if you should choose to plant a mixture of herbs, you would find that they are drought resistant, fragrant when stepped on and tolerant of foot traffic.  They need no special fertilizer or any chemicals to help them grow.  In fact, none of my herbs even like fertilizer.  Neglect is something that makes most herbs very happy. 

But the best benefit of all is that they attract butterflies, essential pollinators like honeybees, and birds!  In light of the devastating honey bee colony collapse phenomenon, the more fragrant herbs, flowers and vegetables we plant, the better to help the bees recover.

My Number One Rule:  Use No Toxic Chemical Pesticides or Herbicides!  They are deadly to all life, including us.  Once they enter the ecosystem, they end up in our watersheds.  Look for organic, safe alternatives.  If it contains ingredients you cannot pronounce, do not use it!

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