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Migratory bird populations have taken a nose dive in the past 40 years. But you can help bring their numbers back by creating beneficial, beautiful and fun habitats in your own backyard. Discover favorite plants and environments that shelter and feed colorful songbirds, as well as how to make them feel welcome by offering their preferred natural foods.

Grandma Pearl
(Connie Smith)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

White Breasted Nuthatches Enjoying Peanut Butter

My amazing 'upside down' white breasted nuthatches are thoroughly enjoying the suet feeders and peanut butter log.  It seems they prefer hanging upside down more than any other bird I've ever seen.  I love their beautifully dapper markings.  Did you know that they are also known as Devil Down Birds?

Grandma Pearl

Little Devil Down Bird
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